present to future

We can’t change our past but we can always change our future by controlling the choices that we make in our present.

We cannot undo the choices that we have made, the words that we have spoken and the actions that we have participated in, but we do have the power to take charge of them in the present moment.

What we do today will dictate our future, and when we become aware of this truth and act accordingly, we gain a big advantage over other people who are blindly following the daily grind in a daze and simply existing instead of taking charge of their lives.

Our meaningful and aligned actions today and our adherence to the humanness and goodness within us ensure that we lead a better and meaningful life as we move forward. It’s a gift that we give to others, but most importantly to our future self. As we act in accordance with them, we not only become happier but we will also emerge victorious in different battles of life.