prosperity and difficulty

Prosperity can change people. It is said that wealth makes you more of who you truly are. Robert Caro has written: “Power doesn’t corrupt, it reveals.” The same applies for prosperity. Some people put it to good use are and are able to become the best versions of themselves, while others end up feeding their vices, fears and ego, eventually ruining their lives.

On the flip side, when we face difficult times, we become vulnerable. Unfortunately, most of us get bogged down and let our adversities dictate our behaviors and our actions. They reveal that we still need a lot of work in building our character, resilience and fortitude. While the exceptionalists amongst us shine even in the dark times and keep marching forward. They maintain their rhythm and their calm even when they’re not able to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Both prosperity and difficulty essentially reveal our true selves. They can either make us better or worse and it’s best to detach from both of them. We can’t let circumstances dictate our inner state. We are what we choose to become.

If we commit to the path of strengthening our character, we are able to become the best versions of ourselves regardless of what situation we’re put in. Even when our wealth gets taken away from us and we are no longer prosperous, we are still able to survive and thrive.  

Our goal should always be to become prosperous but our bigger goal should be to strengthen our character so that we are able to thrive in the wealthy lifestyle that we’re aiming for.  

When we find avenues to become the best versions of ourselves and let go of our present circumstances, our life ends up becoming more streamlined and enjoyable.