real fruits are better than fruit flavors

As we shop in the grocery store, we enter minefields of clever advertising. Various items, whether they be snacks, dairy products or desserts, claim they are healthy and have fruit names written over them to convince us of this fact.

But if we look more closely, they just add artificial and synthetic fruit flavors. Why choose artificial fruit flavors when we have the real fruits available to us easily? I saw a snack item sometime back in Starbucks, claiming that there were real fruits inside it. Of course, there were some added ingredients to it, and I wondered how many people will easily grab them but won’t grab the real deal, the fresh fruits in the nearby cafeteria or any local store.

Even if fresh fruits are not available for some reasons, there may still be frozen and canned real fruits that we can use. But choosing Oreos with strawberry flavored cream or going for a Mango Sorbet Häagen-Dazs ice cream are not the healthiest choices. Of course, I have nothing against them, we can eat them from time to time, and I’m all up for it, but when it comes to our daily consumption we need to give priority to real and fresh fruits instead of processed foods containing fruit flavors.

We need not let the shrewd advertisers tempt us and derail our commitment to a healthy diet. It’s unfortunate to see various juices, drinks and beverages that claim to be rich in nutrients but are simply filled with artificial flavors and added sugar.

Choose the real deal and bring fruits and their unadulterated fresh juices in your vicinity. They may not satisfy all your cravings but they’ll definitely make you healthier and immune to diseases in the long-term.