recalibrate your ecosystem

There’s a genius, a maestro, a magician within you. You know that, right? But in order to unleash that supreme self and unlock your maximum potential, it’s important that you bring order in your environment. As Robin Sharma writes, “Your environment influences your ability to unlock the door that is the entrance into the magic that life has in store for you.”

When you start your day checking emails, hopping onto social media, peeking into your text messages, or immersing yourself in the news, you shut off your sage brain, and activate your monkey brain. This not only breeds negative emotions within you, but also attenuates your focus and productivity.

You must recalibrate and design your ecosystem so that you create an opportunity and the required space for your inner magician to show up. 

These are unprecedented times when we are living 24/7 cooped up in our homes. Spending all our days and nights at home can make it extremely easy for our workspaces and lifespaces to become messy and sloppy. And that’s why decluttering and keeping things tidy and clean is super important as they help clear our mind and allow us to feel more comfortable, calm and happier. 

In her book, Outer Order, Inner Calm, Gretchen Rubin writes, “Getting in control of our possessions makes us feel more in control of our fates. If this is an illusion, it’s a helpful illusion—and it’s a more pleasant way to live.”

Our physical space directly influences our mental well-being. Outer order contributes to inner calm and inner self-command. A clutter-free life helps us feel more peaceful, more confident, and more creative, and at the same time positions us to use our time, energy and attention in the best way possible.

Along with that, we must distance ourselves from toxic people, energy vampires, and incessant distractions due to our digital vices and devices that keep us away from accessing the realm of possibility and mastery that very few great people of this world are familiar with. 

As we declutter and get rid of the non-essentials in our ecosystem, we are able to access our sage brain and the inner magician within us for extended periods of time. We create a thriving environment for ourselves where we can feel at peace and are able to live and perform better and produce more, helping us make our highest contribution to the world.