responding to “thank you”

responding to “thank you”

When someone says “thank you” to us, it’s a great gesture. It means that they appreciate whatever contribution, help or service we offered to them.

But an even greater gesture — both to that person and the Universe — than those two widely used words of gratitude can be our response to them. 

Usually what do we respond to “thank you” or any of its variation with?

“No problem.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Happy to help.”


“No worries.”

“My pleasure.”

Or something similar, right? 

We say these words automatically — without thinking about them too much. That’s fine! What truly matters is what we’re trying to express through those words, consciously or unconsciously. 

What’s the underlying acknowledgment?

It could be:

“Favor returned.”

“I didn’t have any option.”

“Now we’re even.”

“That’s the last thing I’m doing for you.”

“It’s my job so it had to be done.”

“Of course, I am related to you.”

Or it could be just an expression of our happiness and satisfaction to have been able to add value to another person’s life. To have had the opportunity to make a contribution to a fellow human. 

Let “thank you” be intertwined in the fabric of our society. But don’t let it or any other credit or favor that comes your way become the driver of your deeds. 

Just do good because you find doing good the most satisfying thing in this human marketplace. That’s it! 

You might be among the only few who do this, but trust me, you’ll be in good company.

It doesn’t matter how you respond to the everyday “thank you”s that come your way. You can say anything you like (or say nothing at all!). What’s more important is what you communicate to others through your response, emotionally and energetically.