revenge is futile

There’s no point in seeking revenge. It doesn’t make anyone or anything better.

There’s a quote that I read in a relative’s place many years back: “Success is the best revenge.” I think it’s completely false. Success is about uplifting others, not seeking revenge from someone who wronged you in the past.

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman point this out in The Daily Stoic: “As Marcus and Seneca both wrote, the proper response — indeed the best revenge — is to exact no revenge at all. If someone treats you rudely and you respond with rudeness, you have not done anything but prove to them that they were justified in their actions.”

Revenge not only prolongs our hurt and pain but it also hurts the other person. Instead of feeling vengeful, we need to let our grudges go. Only then, we’ll be able to progress ahead in our lives.

The darkness of revenge in our hearts dims the brightness of life. Let those feelings of anger, hatred, resentment and hurt go. Instead focus that energy on bettering yourself, so that you’re able to inspire others and become a shining example of true success.