right person, wrong plan

Inspiration and action can take us a long way. But occasionally we also need to throw in wisdom into the mix to get further on our path towards greater success. And wisdom comes from collecting data, through words both written and spoken and through the life experiences that we gather.

Our inspiration and action can help us develop skills, but wisdom, both the innate one as well as the one that we gather over life, guides us in knowing where and how to apply it for our own individual success and for the greater good. Skills are important, but planning is crucial too. You may be the right person but if you’re in the wrong place or executing an incorrect strategy, you’ll end up blaming yourself and your skills for lack of success. This isn’t true; you just need to either get yourself in a better place or carry out an effective and potent plan. When you align your skills to the right strategy, you invite better outcomes in your life.

As Seth Godin writes in his blog:

“If you’re a gardener, planting orange trees in Ottawa, and nothing’s growing, it’s possible to beat yourself up, burn yourself out and say, “I’m a bad gardener.”


You could realize that oranges aren’t easy to grow in Ottawa. You could either move to Cuba or plant winter wheat instead.

But don’t beat yourself up just because the climate doesn’t match your seeds.”

We humans have the gift of rationalization and unlike other beings on this planet, we can change our course whenever we want. We can get on a better road, switch to a better vehicle or choose a new destination altogether that better aligns with our personal goals.

If you are feeling unsatisfied or encountering lack of success, there’s a better path waiting for you, you just need to explore it.