rigid but flexible

We can be as rigid and disciplined as we want to be, but in order to live well, we also need to be flexible. When we face the storms of life, our rigidity may work against us breaking us to the core. We need to be both rigid and flexible to live and thrive well.

An example that can serve as a great guide to us is a bamboo tree. Bamboos are hard and strong, yet when the heavy winds blow, they sway with them but stay rooted firmly in the ground. As the breeze of life comes at us, like a bamboo, we can sway harmoniously with it, going with the flow and never opposing it but at the same time ensuring that we always remain rooted and in alignment with our Higher Self. We ensure we act in accordance with our core values.Our roots viz. our habits and positive beliefs remain firmly established in the ground.

Even if we come across strong winds and typhoons in our lives, like the bamboo, we bend but don’t break. We remain tall and still. Going with the flow, accepting, not opposing, what is not in our control, and bending and being flexible instead of breaking — these virtues can help us attract greater success and attain a balanced life. So, whether we’re dealing with a catastrophe or everyday challenges of life, we can work towards being flexible yet firmly rooted.