ripples on the surface

Distractions are like pebbles, each one of them when dropped creates ripples on the surface of the pond. With increasing distractions everywhere we go, these ripples keep surfacing in our mind distancing us from clarity and understanding its depth and what lies underneath. 

As we practice meditation and cultivate mindfulness and awareness, we are able to neutralize these ripples and see more clearly into the depths. 

Distractions end up creating movements and confusion in our mind. If we visualize distractions as these pebbles that come into contact with the water and create ripples, when we regulate and have fewer pebbles that get dropped on the water as well as slow down the ones that do hit the surface, the ripples start to subside and we are able to see clearly what’s beneath the surface. 

In the beginning, as we attempt to minimize and slow down these everyday distractions, we may not be able to limit these ripples much, but we might get a glimpse of what’s under the surface. This is enough for us to know that there’s something under the surface of the water and to ignite the inspiration within us to pursue depth. 

As we continue the journey of mindfulness, not only do we calm the waves but we experience the stillness that lies deep within our mind — the stillness that helps us get in better touch with our Higher Self, and the creative order and the oneness that connects all of us together.