Roots take time to develop. Whether you’re learning a new skill, getting hold of a certain life-changing habit, or adapting to a new place or work environment, be patient with yourself.

The ground is unfamiliar and with time you’ll be able to soak in the positivity, knowledge and goodness around you.

Don’t be in a hurry to either reject or accept the new, you have just arrived. Don’t get tempted to boast or flaunt your success, you have just started. Don’t categorize the territory around you as ‘foreign’ too soon, you have just discovered it. Don’t act like you’re an expert in the subject, you have just begun learning it.

Everything worthwhile takes time to build and it requires our constant nurture. Even though we take the ‘act as if’ approach, it takes time to become the part. It’s better to focus on our growth and focus inward, not outward. We all have our unique journeys and we all learn, grow and adapt differently. Be patient with your progress. Your roots are developing and you’re getting a better hold every day. Suffice yourself with that, because that is what matters in the long run.