run or walk

Most of us are running around every day to get things done, whether we’re a student, employee or a business owner.

But rarely do we stop and think: Are we running after the right things? Are we truly compelled to do the work that we are doing? Is this running around truly serving us and to what end? Is it really taking us somewhere and helping us become a better craftsman and human, or are we staying on the same spot without any significant progress?

We humans enter the rat race and start running because we don’t want to feel left behind. We dread feeling lonely and run away from empty environments but the unfortunate part is that we also run away from the emptiness and confusion within. We start finding unhealthy ways to fill the void within and around us. But, sooner or later, this backfires on us making us miserable, sad and regretful in the end.

We need to take a stand and decide for ourselves if we want to continue running in this endless, aimless path. We all have a choice — to halt ourselves, slow down our pace, figure out what direction and what path resonates best with us and simply turn ourselves and go in that direction.

Sometimes it may be a 45 degree turn and sometimes a complete 180 degree one. And the best part is we don’t even have to run.

When we participate in aligned action and do the work where we are able to pour our hearts and souls into, every step that we take has a bigger impact. One step taken in the right path is more powerful than multiple strides taken in the incorrect one.

It’s up to you, whether you want to continue running without a purpose haphazardly never going anywhere, or instead slow yourself down, make a turn and just start walking in the road that brings you meaning, satisfaction and joy.

It won’t be an easy road to travel, but it’ll take you to a place where you would keep meeting better versions of yourself.

So, take charge now and start walking purposefully with an impact instead of running the empty sprints that take you nowhere.