same ingredients, different recipes

We are all made up of the same ingredients. The human machinery works in the same way for all of us. But it’s our behaviors and actions that dictate our destiny.

We’re all biologically identical but still each and every one of us is unique. Not only do we need to stop comparing ourselves with others, but we also need to make sure that we make an optimum use of the gifts, talents and creative energies that we are blessed with.

When we take better care of our body, mind and spirit and use our precious resources intentionally, we become a better version of ourselves.

In the end, we are creators of our own lives and we all have a finite life span. So why not make a good use of our ingredients and work towards making a great recipe out of it? Why not embrace our uniqueness and create something meaningful that adds value to other people’s lives? Why not express our true potential so that we live an exceptional and extraordinary life and significantly impact people that come across us and our work?