satisfaction is alignment

Instead of creating endless wishlists and complaining that we have don’t have enough money in our bank account, or a partner to share love and intimacy with, or the body that we desire in spite of putting so much effort, we need to focus on what brings us satisfaction right now.

The more we focus on what we lack, the more stressed, anxious and overwhelmed we become. Instead, it’s best to focus on things that make us feel content.

We need to become conscious of our thoughts and let go of the ones that don’t help us feel satisfied.

If we focus too much on our destination, then we burden ourselves with fear and worry. Instead if we simply focus on enjoying the journey and paying attention to the things that bring us satisfaction in the present moment, then everything starts falling into place.

Satisfaction is alignment, and when you are aligned and in sync with your Inner Being, you start attracting success and experiencing consistent happiness.

We need to detach from all the wonderful things that we desire in our lifetime, and distance ourselves from feeling their lack in our life right now. We need to get ourselves in a state of enoughness. The more satisfied we feel, the more we cultivate patience and an abundant mindset, and the smoother our ride becomes.

As we consistently aim for satisfaction, amazing things start manifesting in our life as by-products.

No matter what situation you are in right now, get in touch with satisfaction, just a tiny bit. As the momentum gets rolling day by day, and satisfaction becomes an active part of your lifestyle, you’ll find everything working out for you and you’ll start living the life you’ve always desired sooner than you expected.