save yourself or slave yourself

save yourself or slave yourself

I hate debt, totally resent it. We may naively think that it opens the gateway of opportunities and experiences but if we let our debt situation get out of hand, it shuts off more doors than we can imagine. Living with debt is constant stress, a burden that we need to carry day and night. For some of us, it is light, but for others it keeps on piling, breaking our backs (and banks!) and shattering our hopes.

As Dave Ramsey emphasizes the simple yet difficult truth: “Debt is not a tool. The borrower is always a slave to the lender.” There is no way around it. If you have accrued debt, you are a slave. These days, shiny objects blind us and it is hard to identify the slaves amongst us.

Slaves come in all shapes and sizes, with or without formal education. Human stupidity does not check what prestigious degrees you have attained. There is a difference between being smart and being wise.

The first step is to become aware and acknowledge that you are a slave. There is no shame in admitting it. I have been one too. But when we take responsibility for our recklessness and start keeping a tally of our mistakes and the lessons that we have learned, we start to progress.

Once we become aware of our slavery and decide to break the chains that are keeping us bound, the next step is to change our behaviors. This is hard for sure, but not impossible.

The difference between slavery and freedom is a choice. A choice that only we can make. It’s time to take 100% responsibility for our behaviors.

We need to let go of the delusion that debt or loans are a godsend and vessels to take us forward in our careers and lives. It does not matter how well your planning is prior to signing up for debt, the truth is, whether we like it or not, we are signing up for years of slavery. As The Minimalists have remarked, “There is no such thing as good debt.”

Debt is a slow poison… a parasite that not only robs you of your money but it also deteriorates your mental peace and clarity. Don’t let your power go into other’s hands. Don’t let it consume your life and cause you misery. 

Stop this insanity, as only that will lead you to money mastery and freedom.