seeking wisdom in our downtime

As we pursue the journey of personal growth and never-ending self-improvement, we spend most of our time and resources on acquiring educational materials that help us either develop some skills that relate directly to our goals and our work or business viz. studying, or keep us positive, happy, inculcate the right habits and behaviors, and cultivate an abundance mindset, viz. steeping.

Most of us spend 100% of our time pursuing these two avenues of personal growth. But a few exceptional amongst us go one step further. As we cruise through lives, we not only crave for knowledge but we start craving for wisdom as well. The superachievers, sooner or later in their lifetimes, figure this out and start acting on it. They focus 99% of their personal development efforts on studying and steeping, and devote 1% towards cultivating wisdom.

They spend their time pursuing diverse interests such as visiting art galleries and museums, and reading history, classical literature, biographies of people who survived difficult times and works of Eastern philosophy among many other things. They seek this wisdom mainly in their downtime, such as during weekday evenings, weekends or when they’re on vacation in a different city or country. This helps them collect different perspectives and insights that they add in their wisdom bank.

Not only does this make them wiser, but they also become more empathetic and compassionate. This wisdom gathering is what inspires the superachievers amongst us to live a life of greatness, and helps them achieve a 360 degree growth — both as a human and a spiritual being.