self-education is key to remarkable success

self-education is key to remarkable success
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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
— Jim Rohn

The Internet has changed everything, and we live in an era that humanity has never experienced before. In this information age, we can basically learn anything that we want anywhere in the world at any time.

If we want to get better at a particular skill or area in our lives, we have all the resources available to us on a silver platter. What we don’t have any longer are excuses to be mediocre and not to take charge of our lives. All the successful businesspeople, influencers, and innovators are available to us in an instant. Whether it be finances, health, dating and relationships, career choices, or living a more meaningful life, we have a string of people at our fingertips (literally!) who can provide us with the right information and guidance.

For us as individuals, it is imperative that we have two qualities in our personal growth journey:

  1. An unquenching thirst to learn and grow, and
  2. An ability to experiment

As we start consuming information in books, blogs, audiobooks, podcasts, and YouTube videos, we come across mentors that we share our values with. They become our guardians and friends. By habit, we end up being always surrounded by them on a consistent basis and hence become better every day.

Along with feeding our mind with good quality and positive information, another important thing that we need to do is to protect it. This is crucial in our personal development journey. As technology is a double-edged sword, we are surrounded by innumerable sources of distractions and crappy information. To move forward, we have to develop a laser-like focus and make good use of our time and energy.

Our human mind is a seeker, and we all know how it works when we’re on the Internet. We go to look up something specific, and after an hour passes by, we find ourselves checking out cool gadgets or watching meaningless videos on YouTube.

The best way to protect our minds is to get rid of all the clutter — mental, physical, and digital. Get rid of all those magazines, and I would encourage you to either get rid of your television or massively limit its usage. We have to make sure that we focus more on education rather than entertainment.

Freeing up our time will be an eye-opener, and we will have these incredible chunks of time that we never had. It’s our responsibility to put all this free time into self-education and doing activities that bring us joy and take us further in the direction of the success we want in our lives.