self-education leads to freedom

The superachievers and top performers who are making ground-breaking progress in their respective industries know a simple but fundamental truth: Education never ends.

I’m not denying the importance of formal education, but rather emphasizing on the role of self-education in our lives. For most of us, the importance of education ends as soon as we graduate from our college or grad school. Only a tiny percentage of us invest in our self-education and bettering ourselves even when we’re no longer a student of an institution or university. We spend our money accumulating stuff and accoutrements, but there are just a handful of us who spend it on building physical and digital libraries.

We get stuck in the daily grind and get sucked in the mundane everyday routine vortex without investing our time, money and attention into words of knowledge and wisdom and gathering new, uplifting experiences.

We need to understand the value of self-education because it has the potential to bring true freedom to us. As we study philosophy, we become a better human being. As we become financially literate, we spend our money wisely, build a hefty savings account and invest for our future. As we learn about living a meaningful life, we align and design our lives so that we do more things that bring us joy and freedom. As we learn about eating right and ensuring great mental, physical and spiritual well-being, we create a healthy life for ourselves; our body and mind remain free of disorders and diseases. As we learn more about love, intimacy and how to connect with other people, we form better friendships and relationships.

Self-education leads us to bring improvements, both small and large, in our life that set us up on the path of greater success. We attain freedom in different respects, whether it be financial, emotional, physical, geographical, personal or professional.

Learning, studying and investing in our personal development are crucial to attaining freedom in the long term. We do a disservice to ourselves and others when we don’t educate ourselves, even for a few minutes, on a daily basis. Our potential remains untapped if we don’t feed our minds with high quality positive and uplifting information and inspiration. In essence, pursuing the never-ending path of self-education is key to personal mastery, becoming an exceptionalist, and living an extraordinary life enriched with freedom.