share your unique gift with the world

We have been trained by our society to believe that we can do anything that we want, that we can have all the things that we desire and bring them into our lives. But if we live that way, we let go of excellence, joy, peace and freedom. 

Having too many things in our lives makes us stressed and miserable. And pursuing different things at the same time makes us mediocre in each of them. 

We have to stop running like a headless chicken and get ourselves going in one direction. We have to eject ourselves out of the hamster wheel and bring intention in our pursuits. 

Also, we can’t rely on other people to live a happy and joyous life. If we do, we set ourselves for despair, disappointment and frustration. We can’t trust the marketers, they just want to sell their products to us so that we can “fix” our lives, they want us to buy things left, right and center with countless credit card swipes to change ourselves and our life.

We can’t trust the government and the politicians to make our lives better and great again. We can’t let them control our lives and dictate the level of success and joy that we experience in our lifetime. 

And we certainly can’t give up and give in, and leave everything to God or the Universe, reacting to life as it happens, becoming a couch potato watching Netflix all day long and waiting for checks to show up in our mailbox. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work this way. Always remember, the last three letters of the word ‘attract’ are a-c-t. There’s no attraction without action.

No one can make our lives better and make us more successful in this journey of life. We don’t owe the world anything. The only thing that we are truly entitled to in this amazing human adventure is the power to design our own life. As Darren Hardy points out, “What you have been endowed with is an incredible power to create, to make, to work for the life that you want to live.”

The only person who can take you and your life to the next level is YOU.

You have to take charge of your life. You have to take ownership of your success and the life that you are creating for yourself.

You have to figure out your own unique gift, the one that you’re exceptional at, the one that helps you stand out, the one that makes you awesome, and work to cultivate mastery in it. You have to pursue that one thing vigorously and work towards sharing that gift with the world. 

Here’s an important insight: As we find a way to add immense value to the world through our genius, we position ourselves to carve our own destiny and design the life and lifestyle that we truly want to live and embody.