shock absorbance

We need to become good at dealing with shocks and unpleasant surprises. We will get stirred as life progresses; bad news is just a text, call or email away. It’s important that we prepare ourselves for these challenging situations. The goal is to desensitize ourselves in a healthy way so that we are able to deal effectively with the after-effects of these shocks, that if not dealt with, have the potential to last for days, months or even years.

We need to put ourselves in situations and circumstances that shock us from time to time, so that once we go through them we become mentally and physically stronger. It can be as simple as taking a cold shower in the mornings or as extreme as jumping off an airplane. We need to go through them so that we toughen ourselves up and become antifragile.

The goal is not to become numb to our emotions but it is to better manage them and attain a state of calm during times of distress. We need to equip ourselves to absorb shocks and bounce back so that we are able to bring normalcy in our life again in a short time. Although it helps us immensely, the best part is that we position ourselves in a role where we are able to provide better support and comfort to our loved ones when they need us the most. And a side benefit is that we also end up inspiring others to face difficult and challenging circumstances with calm, resilience and fortitude. It’s a win for all.