stay away from short-supply thinking

There are times in our lives when we get caught up in short-supply thinking. We think that our needs and wants won’t get fulfilled. But the lack is not outside, the lack is inside us.

We need to plug into the infinite Source within and around us. It may take time, but all our needs, wants and desires will get fulfilled. There’s abundance everywhere, we just need to be open to it.

The first step to get our needs and desires met is to have unwavering confidence that they will be met. We can bring our desires, however grand they may seem, into our reality. Getting stuck is not an option. Our dreams, however far-fetched they may seem right now, will come true.

We don’t need to lock ourselves down in the present circumstances; they don’t dictate our destiny. Our life is a film strip and today is just a snapshot. Things will not always remain the same way. Our future is bright and rich with all our manifested desires.

We need to trust and have faith that the future that we desire will come true. Our demands will be met, life is not a zero-sum game.

You are the creator of your life and you are the captain of your ship, you can steer it anywhere you want. Everything will line up and all your requirements will be met.

With a limited, short-supply mindset, we will always fall behind, but an infinite mindset will set us free and provide us with the courage to follow our dreams.