show love today

Birthdays, special occasions, festivals and holidays are a great time — to get together with friends, relatives, and loved ones, to exchange pleasantries, to give gifts, to express our concern and show that we love and care for them. But what about the remaining days. As the Minimalists write in their blog, undermining the importance of gift-giving only during birthdays or a few special occasions, “So, on your birthday, and a handful of holidays, people show they care about you. Don’t they care about you those other 350+ days every year? Or do they feel different about you those days because they aren’t gifting a physical item (one you probably don’t want, anyway)?

The best time to give a gift is today. The best time to call someone is today. The best time to meet someone maybe for a coffee or lunch is today. The best time to express your love is today. The best time to show that you care is today.

Show love today, without any reason or any selfish motive. Let others know they are not ‘’special’’ only on certain predetermined days of the year. Do a kind gesture for them or get in touch with them right now. This helps us communicate to the people in our lives that they are just as important and precious to us today as they are on any special occasion in the calendar year. 

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