sickness and recovery

Sickness is out of our control. Things would be going smoothly and linearly in our lives and all of a sudden, we would find ourselves engulfed by an ailment.

In those weak times, we may be tempted to take charge of our daily tasks in spite of our illness and affirm that we are okay to ourselves and others (especially if we belong to the tribe of superachievers). But this is essentially denial and us not accepting the truth that we are sick and we actually need rest and recovery.

Sometimes, we humans think we’re invincible, but we’re not. It’s okay to step out of the daily grind and take care of ourselves first.

If we delay our sickness and don’t make it a priority to attend to it properly, there’s a chance we may worsen our condition. When we don’t listen to our body, we end up paying a heavy price in the long run.

Whenever you’re sick, it’s wise to give importance to rest and recovery and put yourself first. Let go of any shame or guilt you might feel, sometimes non-action is the best action we can take for ourselves.

Hustling is important but equally important is our health, because unless we are at the prime of our health, our hustle would lose its steam as well.

Singly focusing on something can work wonders for us. The more you focus on recovering yourself, the sooner you’ll be ready to go and be able to get back on the field.