simple and easy

When we think our days are getting too convoluted, our life is getting too complex, and both personally and professionally, we are feeling out of whack, we need to stop ourselves, take a deep breath, and focus on the two magic words: simple and easy.

Sometimes, without our knowledge, we overwhelm ourselves with respect to our projects, and commitments. We start running on this illusionary treadmill, believing we need to run at a faster pace to keep up with our lives. Instead we can simply slow down and choose a pace that works for us best.

Maybe it’s time to start with a fresh approach, and incorporate a new style, both in work and life, that makes things simple and easy. Instead of mimicing the patterns of other people who are living haphazardly busy being busy, we can design a relaxed but intentional lifestyle for ourselves.

Cultivate awareness in your everyday life and if you feel things are getting out of hand, just take it simple and take it easy.