simplify to amplify

There is no better way to maximize our productivity, performance and get back in touch with our peace of mind than simplifying.

With time, we build certain habits, routines and systems but if we don’t keep them in check, we end up feeding clutter and disorganization. We feel overwhelmed by them and unless we recharge and reboot, things won’t get better.

Instead of looking for more things to add to our already filled plate, we can choose to go on the avenue of subtraction. If our calendars and schedules are becoming too compact and crowded, then it’s time we make some constructive spaces in them.

The key to insane productivity and mind-bending performance is saying ‘no’. It’s always good to take a step back and reevaluate our commitments and see where we can cut down. We can again get aligned with our goals and our core values and resasses where we are spending our precious resources.

As we dial in and apply the Pareto principle i.e. paying attention to the 20% things that bring us 80% outcomes, we’ll able to let go of the fake tasks and focus on the essential ones that lead us to gold.

As your life, whether at work or otherwise, gets more streamlined and simpler, you’ll feel happiness and satisfaction again, and your ride will get smoother. You’ll be able to attain the outcomes that you want easily with less efforts, reduced stress and zero frustration.