sit down

We all toy with the notion of revealing our creative genius through a meaningful project that we’ve had in our minds for a long time. We keep playing this idea again and again in our minds, refining it and shaping it. But we never execute it.

We’re running around busy being busy. We explain to ourselves and others that we don’t have enough time to work on this project. Maybe now is not a good time to breathe life into this project, we say to ourselves. For a majority of us, unfortunately life comes in the way (or we let it) and things never take off. The idea never enters the physical realm.

Instead, all we need to do is carve a time in our daily schedule, set an appointment with ourselves and simply sit down. Only through uninterrupted focus, we will be able to finally begin with the execution process for our dream project. Day by day if we commit to sitting down and choose action over excuses, we will be able to make significant progress and eventually make our idea a reality.  
Inspiration is nothing without execution, and in order to move forward, first we need to sit down and put in the work. We need to tie ourselves with a table and chair for prolonged amounts of time day in and day out. Only then, the wheels will start turning and magic will happen.