software upgrades

Like the various applications in our cell phones and computers need constant upgrades to fix any bugs and make the user experience smoother, faster and much more efficient, in a similar manner, we humans also need constant upgrades to make our life experience easier and more enjoyable.

With time, we gather negative thoughts and behaviors that affect our performance, productivity as well as our mental and physical well-being. That’s why we need to consistently check ourselves and download new ideas, insights and behaviors that help us offset these bugs.

Life means progress and upgrading ourselves regularly. We need to constantly work towards crafting our personal philosophy and feeding our mind with positive and uplifting information. If we are not becoming a little better every day, we are not making our journey worthwhile. If we stop improving, we start falling behind. We need the system updates ala the lessons that we learn during our lifetime from people, experiences, books and other helpful creations to consistently make our life more aligned and free-flowing. If we’re not doing this, not only do we become obsolete but we also get stuck in patterns that don’t serve us, making our life difficult and miserable.

The more we feed our mind and gather new meaningful experiences, the more we upgrade ourselves. Not all of us are same and the software upgrades that we undergo may vary from others’ but it’s up to us do go through as many upgrades as we can. In that way, we start living the best life possible for us and get the bang out of every moment that we get to spend on this magnificent spinning orb.