some quick tips for eating healthier

some quick tips for eating healthier

Switching to a healthy diet overnight is not possible, but we can strive to make gradual changes that help us improve what we eat. We can slowly and steadily eliminate unhealthy food from our diet and substitute them with better ones that enhance our physical health and well-being.

As previously discussed, diet and proper nutrition are crucial for optimum health and needs to be our primary focus as we begin the journey of wellness. Now is a good time to remind ourselves of the Compound Effect and believe that small, seemingly insignificant changes in our diet will result in big payoffs over time.

Here are some quick and effective tips that can help you out in the journey:

1. Don’t skip meals. If possible, eat at around the same time every day.

2. Keep healthy snacks in close proximity and always handy. 

3. Read the nutrition label before you buy. The bigger the list of ingredients, the more the probability that artificial ingredients have been added to it.

4. Choose whole foods over processed ones. 

5. Eat foods, fruits and vegetables that provide a satisfying crunch such as apples, celery, carrots, snap peas and nuts. 

6. Eat more mindfully.

7. Choose real fruits over ‘fruits flavors’.

8. Don’t get fooled by colorful drinks that look healthy, but in reality have tons of added sugar.

9. Cook more at home and eat out less.

10. Learn how to meal-prep, as it will not only save a lot of your time but also ensure you have a better grip at what and how much you eat.

11. Cut yourself a little slack and enjoy your favorite food once in a while.

12. Get active. As you increase your activity — even a little bit — you’ll be inspired to eat better too.

13. Preplan around your cravings. If you always get hungry at 4 pm or want to eat something sweet after dinner, then have a healthier alternative ready to go.

14. When temptation strikes, for instance, getting that enticing cupcake at the bakery, apply the 5 second rule and get going in the other direction.

15. Create a Seinfeld calendar around healthy eating and work towards maintaining a streak (always remember: don’t break the chain!). If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up; dust yourself off and pick back up where you left.

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