soothing others

Many times we go out of our way to soothe others. We want to make them feel better. But we don’t realize the hidden costs that we are paying when we go to any lengths to please people.

We lose touch with our real selves. We make others feel better at the price of our own happiness and we end up becoming cheap fake versions of ourselves that we are not proud of.

It’s tough to soothe each and everyone and the only person that we owe the responsibility to soothe is ourselves. If you’re liked by everyone, then something is wrong. We can’t keep going seeking approval from others to feel better about ourselves. We need to have unconditional love and respect for ourselves. Soothing others comes with a heavy price tag — living a life that is deprived of authenticity, happiness and alignment. Are you willing to pay that price?

It’s impractical to believe that we’ll be able to comfort each and everyone that we come across. If we try to make everyone feel better and attach our happiness to it, we will often face disappointment. Instead, if we make it a priority to take care of ourselves first, life will become a lot easier and happier.