spend some time on self-reflection

Self-reflection is an important skill if we want to sustain success for the long-term. If you don’t review and reflect, you rob yourself of the opportunity to course-correct, whether it be on a microscopic scale or in terms of your life.

Spending a little time on self-reflection, daily and weekly, can go a long way in keeping us grounded in our values and goals, and live an intentional and meaningful life focusing on the essential things. As Chris Christoff from MonsterInsights shares, “Every day I take 15-30 minutes to sit in silence and reflect on my choices throughout the day. I’ll write down big accomplishments and setbacks, and look for ways to strengthen the positive while reducing the negative. I’ve found that this tactic helps me make small, manageable changes to my personal and professional life.”

Thousands of years ago, Seneca did the same. In the evenings, he enjoyed reflecting in his journal. When asked, he once explained to a friend, “ [As the day comes to a close,] I examine my entire day and go back over what I’ve done and said, hiding nothing from myself, passing nothing by.” 

Reflection is one of the best self-development exercises that we can all participate in. It’s both fast and effective and can help us make some positive changes in our daily life.