spending time with fearless people

Even the most courageous people amongst us feel fear. This is how evolution has shaped us. No matter how much we try, it’s impossible to eliminate fear from our system. However, there are a couple of effective strategies that we can all employ to deal with it and not let it overpower us. 

Firstly, we can start spending time with fearless people. We are all well aware of Jim Rohn’s popular words, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It’s naive to underestimate the power of associations. So whatever fear you have, start spending time with people who are fearless in that regard. If you want to get over your stage fright, start spending time with friends who are great on stage. If you’re afraid of rejections, hang out with people who are pro at talking to strangers every day. Our brain can beautifully model other people’s behaviors. When we watch others doing something, our mirror neurons start firing. And via repetition and mental rehearsal, a particular behavior starts to feel normal and we are able to overcome our fear. 

Along with watching fearless people in real life, we can also do the same via our screens. In this way, you can cultivate fearlessness right from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re scared of spiders, rollercoasters or have aquaphobia, you can easily get on YouTube and watch people tackling the very things that you fear. Keep your eyes open and breathe deeply. Of course, this will be difficult and excruciating at first, but over time as you overcome initial discomfort, the way you look at those things will change. Your brain will get rewired, your body will get prepared, and soon you’ll start developing fearlessness within you. (Note: If your fear involves a trauma, it’s best to seek professional help and work with a skilled therapist.)