start budgeting today

Budgeting is scary and we all dread it. We know we need a budget, a potent plan, to get our finances in control, but it sounds too much work. We feel that we’re being too anal about how we spend our dollars. The reason most of us hate budgeting is because we feel it will rob us of our freedom around the way we spend our money. Even though we see people benefiting from it, we either run away from it or get caught up in procrastination.

The simple act of sitting down and making a written budget is a challenge for most people. It was for me too! But the sooner we make it happen, the better it is for us. The first step to making a budget is actually internal. We need to understand why we need a budget in the first place. Unless we hone down to the specific advantages of a monthly written budget and are able to view it in a positive light, we won’t be intrinsically inspired to make one.

We need to feel sick and tired of our hamster-wheel patterns that lead us to more spending than earning making us miserable and frustrated again and again. We need to get infuriated and say it loud that we’ve had enough. That it’s time to make a powerful shift. We have to take the steering wheel back in our hands, change our direction and switch our gears altogether.

When the pain of not having enough money and living a miserable existence heightens, that’s when the pain of making a written budget dissolves. We need to act smart before matters get worse and we are squashed to the metaphorical wall. There is no point in delaying correct money behaviors and it’s wise to get going on the right track before a catastrophe strikes.