start giving money right away

start giving money right away

“To attract money, you must focus on wealth. It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you are noticing you do not have enough, because that means you are thinking thoughts that you do not have enough.”

— Rhonda Byrne

When you come across opportunities to donate money for a social cause, do you ever entertain this thought?

“I have no money to give right now; I’m barely covering my own expenses. Now is not a good time, but maybe I’ll donate in the future when things get better and I’ll have more money.”

If yes, you’re making a huge mistake in your financial life. We have previously discussed that the fastest way to attract anything in your life is to give it to others. It’s a universal law: The more you give, the more you’ll get. So, if you want to attract money, then start giving it freely and openly.

You don’t need to give away huge sums of money. Just start with $20, $10, $5, or even $1. The amount doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re participating in the act of giving. 

So, let go of your limitations and inhibitions, and start giving money right away. It doesn’t matter how much you give, where you give, and to whom you give. Just give with a free mind and an open heart, and let the Universe work its magic!