start with a blank slate

start with a blank slate

A great strategy that I personally use when I experience a negative emotional state is to go sleep or take a nap. Sleep is the best reboot for our emotions. Once we wake up, our mental state is like a blank slate and as previously discussed, it is a fertile time to feed our mind with positive information, or do something that gives rise to positive emotions within us.

As soon as we wake up, we have to make sure that we’re listening, watching or reading something uplifting and inspiring, or learning something new. This can prove to be a life-changing behavior if we commit to it. In the mornings, our mind is like a blank canvas, and as we use the brush strokes of positive emotions, we are able to get ourselves into the right mindset, heartset and soulset to start our days.

Meditating first thing in the morning is a great habit. As we meditate after we wake up, we are able to better attain alignment by cultivating awareness of our thoughts.

We need to get rid of all the beliefs that don’t serve us. By taking back control of the deep-seated beliefs inside us and changing them, we are in better control of the emotions that we experience. As we gently guide ourselves towards experiencing positive emotions, life becomes easier and effortless for us.

Esther Hicks in her book, The Astonishing Power of Emotions, beautifully writes about the role of emotions in our well-being: “When you feel love or joy—or any positive emotion—you are literally being the expanded version that life has caused you to become. When you feel fear, anger, or despair—or any negative emotion—you are not, in this moment, by virtue of whatever it is that you are giving your attention to, allowing yourself to be that new expanded version… you are not letting yourself keep up with who you have become.”