step by step

We all want radical solutions to the challenges and obstacles that we face in our life. The technology-driven world around us seduces us to look for instant fixes in our life as well. We start believing that the only way to correct ourselves and our lives is to take a giant leap. While this may work sometimes, in general, it’s not a sound strategy. It’s akin to taking a shortcut in order to reap quicker rewards. But we all know shortcuts often come with consequences. 

When we hope for miracles to happen, we consciously or unconsciously ask for help in skipping steps in our path so that we arrive at our destination sooner. But we can create miracles for ourselves by simply cultivating patience and acceptance and focusing on one step of our journey at a time. This will help us detach from the illusion that we build around ourselves and see the truth for what it is.

We need to trust each step of our journey, stay present with it and experience it fully until we are ready to move on to the next one. We can scale insurmountable mountains and travel great distances, all we need to do is believe that the fastest route that can take us to wherever we want to go is taking one step at a time.