stick to what works for you

It’s never guaranteed that the habits, behaviors and routines that work for others will work for us too. Only with time and experimentation, we will be able to figure out what works best for us and what doesn’t.

We are all unique and there is no single approach that fits all. It’s foolish to blindly replicate what others do without giving those things a good thought and without customizing them as per our own needs. We don’t need to stick to the same recipe, we can take all the ingredients that are important to us and make something new. Instead of copying other people and their lifestyles, we can use them as templates to build our own.

In this day and age of information overload, once we find something that works for us like a charm,  it’s all about resisting the urge to experiment again. If we don’t, our patterns may get disrupted and it may take some time to get back on the saddle again.

As new trends emerge from time to time, we can choose to experiment with them, but we also need to be mindful of the costs that we’ll be paying and whether we have an exit strategy if things don’t end up working out for us.

Sometimes, in spite of the temptations, we need to stick with what works for us best. We are not closing ourselves to experimentation but we are choosing our well-being first.

It also depends largely on what stage of life we are in. Not all times will be ideal to jump into a new diet, fitness workout routine, lifestyle, venture or adventure.

Commitment may seem like a trap, but it also holds the key to freedom. Once we find something that works for us and we are satisfied with it, we can take it easy with our hunt and start experimenting with other unexplored areas of our life.

It’s okay to choose novelty from time to time but not at the expense of our discipline and the progress that we have made so far. There’s no harm in taking a conservative approach with things that matter the most to us once a particular habit, behavior or strategy has proven to be the most effective one.

Instead of getting stuck in the comparison loop and subjecting ourselves to the pressure of giving a new trend a go, we can instead stick to what works the best for us. We can let go of the fear of missing out, and prioritize our needs first before making compromises to fit in with the crowd. We can work towards focusing on the thing that has worked well for ourselves previously, and keep going at it.

Once we know what aligns the best with us, we need to cultivate an unwavering commitment towards it. That’s the only way we’ll have uninterrupted progress and be able to drive on the road of perennial success.