stop hurrying through

Are you hurrying through your days, your weeks, your months, your life? 

If yes, then it’s time to stop. There are no upsides to hurrying. Even if you think that you need that adrenaline rush to get things done, it comes with its own consequences. Instead, it’s best to slow down and go with the flow of life. As Melody Beattie writes in her book, Journey to the Heart, “Hurry never catches up with itself. It misses out. It strains. It stresses. It doesn’t trust the natural rhythm, the natural order, of the universe. Slow down. Tap into the rhythm of the world. Tap into your rhythm as you dance through life, as you dance through eternity.”

In this world that we live in, it’s easy to become out of sync. To distance ourselves away from stillness and to stop enjoying life and dancing to its rhythm. To get into an unending race and get busy hurrying to somewhere just because others are doing so too. To get seduced by the pleasure of reaching a faraway destination, instead of cultivating awareness and enjoying the journey that is taking us there. 

There’s a distinct joy we feel when we do things slowly and consciously and enjoy each and every moment, don’t you agree? There is more focus, more clarity, and our perception and thinking are way better. Here are some profound words by Douglas Horton that we can always keep at the back of our heads: “Drive slow and enjoy the scenery—drive fast and join the scenery.” 

Surrender to the rhythm of nature, within and around you. Let the rhythm of your soul guide you. Trust it, have faith in it, and everything will be done. 

Step into the music of life; you will find growth, you will find fulfillment, you will find joy, you will find peace, and you will find healing. 

Stop hurrying through and instead switch to the slow lane. Because when you do that life will just be more fun.