stop the hammering

Sometimes, when we’re facing a problem or are stuck in a tough spot, a question starts gnawing at us. We start hammering ourselves with this question again and again so that we come up with an answer as soon as we can and end the misery.

But there’s no point in forcing an answer out of you, it won’t work. Instead, it’s best to let it go and focus your attention on something else, something more pleasant, something that makes you feel good.

When we let the stress and desperation go, and become relaxed and patient, we create an opportunity for answers to arrive.

It’s best to go with the flow, and avoid the ‘struggle’. If you’re struggling for something, then it’s not worth it. Take it easy, take it simple. Just focus on what makes you feel good and keep repeating it. Solutions and helpful avenues will show up.

Trust the guidance within you and let time bring clarity and a potent solution. Rushing will fuel your resistance and delay your progress.