stop waiting for chance encounters

There’s a popular adage that always remains at the back of my mind, “God only helps those who help themselves.”

It’s easy to give up and start hoping that you’ll meet more like-minded and genuinely interesting people via serendipity. To let the Universe take care of your social circle and your intimate friendships and relationships. But the truth is that you don’t discover relationships, you take charge and create them. 

Yes, you meet some incredible people thanks to serendipity and “good luck,” but you can’t keep waiting for chance encounters to form meaningful connections.

Get your butt off your couch and go out. Go to places that make you feel good and bring joy to you. Hang out in the kind of environs the people you want to meet spend time in. Enroll in a yoga studio. Join a community. Visit your local parks. Attend a conference or a seminar. Start a book club or organize an event and invite people you’d like to know better. 

Stop waiting for chance encounters and start creating them. Be proactive, and soon you’ll have people around you who share the same philosophy and outlook on life as you.