stream a virtual class

Unless you’re an extreme introvert, staying indoors can be a challenging ordeal for you. We are all social creatures, and for most of us, daily socialization involves not only interacting with our co-workers, fellow commuters and spending time with family and friends, but also having regular visits to the gym, yoga studio, a pottery class or a knitting group that are well-integrated in the fabric of our life. If we choose, we can all keep the socialization and learning alive by enrolling in a virtual class.

At the moment, different kinds of classes can be found online, whether it be cooking, knitting or spring cleaning. Fitness and yoga studios have also begun offering remote exercises through services like Zoom. These virtual classes not only offer the wonderful opportunity to learn something new in an organized manner, but participants are also able to socialize with other video conference attendees. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved and is definitely worth it to stay connected with others in the current climate of social distancing.