strive to create a tight-knit community (4/5)

Let’s dive into the second takeaway from Superfans.

Key Takeaway #2 – Strive to Create a Tight-Knit Community

If you want the members of your audience to engage on a better level, a great strategy to create a connected community. When people feel that they belong to a community, that’s when the magic starts to happen. People are not only talking to you in this dedicated space, but they also start talking to each other and hence feel a renewed sense of inspiration, purpose, and belonging. They begin to form an identity around this community quite similar to the way that fans of Star Trek are known as Trekkies and fans of Taylor Swift are known as Swifties.

Amazing things start to happen when you create opportunities for people to interact via forums and groups that encourage community connections. We human beings are social creatures after all and naturally want to be in a tribe with other like-minded people. Forming a connected community brings incredible value to everyone involved. They not only start loving the person, the company or the brand even more, but they feel glad that they’ve found one another. This only elevates the experience but also enhances the influence of you as a leader and your brand exponentially.