style and substance

Some people are stylish but they have nothing else going on for them. Their life is hollow and empty of meaning and passions. On the other hand, there are people hiding in the shadows who have a lot of substance in them. They are creative, eccentric and genius in their own right, but they lack charisma, charm and personality.

Stylish people can win in the short-term by peacocking and putting up an act, but the success that they get is short-lived. Appearances can be deceiving, as they say. When their superficiality is exposed, and people realize that have been portraying a fake enhanced version of themselves, no one respects them. They are big hat, no cattle, as the famous old Texas saying goes. People may get duped through their pictures into believing that they are living a rich lifestyle and are highly successful. but in the end it’s all a show to attract people and get the validation that they have been hungry for since a long time.

People with substance, on the other side, believe in working for their cause silently. They are scared of putting themselves out in the world. The are introverted and shy. They are the most passionate and smart beings out there, but no one knows about them. They leave a silent footprint on this world that very few people notice. They light a match, but they don’t spark a revolution. Although they are resourceful and exceptionally talented, they are not able to communicate that to the world and maximize their impact. They are contented but at the same time live a life of quiet desperation. They are the plain janes amongst us — efficient but not very likeable.

But there are also the third kind of people, the swaggy exceptionalists, the non-conformists on a mission, that exude both style and substance. Their passion fuels their cause and their charisma propels their contribution. They not only give away their gifts to the world and serve countless people, but they also add a zing to their endeavors. They are soothing and likeable, they are helpful and trendsetters. They not only inspire and educate, but also amuse and entertain. They carve their own identity in this world, disregarding the trolls, remarks, opinions and judgments that they face.They believe in their mission but they also understand the power of elegant packaging. They are believers of simplicity but they also don’t shy away from flamboyance. Even though they may be introverts, they know how to live an extroverted presence. A great example that we can all relate to is Lady Gaga, an epitome of substance and style — someone who is immensely talented, eccentric and has made a dent in the music universe.

These people who are able to amalgamate substance and style are unique, they are leaders and revolutionists who are changing the world and the human perception. They are constantly raising the bar high for all of us. People like Richard Branson, Elon Musk and David Beckham have shown that the right proportions of style and substance can truly maximize our contribution and presence in the world. We need to strive to be like them: an individual on a mission who grabs the eyeballs of everyone as he/she walks — now that drives a movement!

We don’t have to copy someone but rather ensure that we bring our personal touch and uniqueness to what we represent. Our goal should be to express our genius, act with compassion and kindness and serve with style. Now that’s hard to match, isn’t it?