success equals alignment

Contrary to the popular belief, success is not extrinsic, it’s intrinsic, it’s a manifestation of our inner alignment.

Most of us dive into the ‘massive action’ mode in order to pursue success, but when we do so, we take a wrong approach. Success is something very personal, and it starts with alignment. If there’s no alignment, no charge within us, our action taking, regardless of the outcomes that we get, is futile.

It’s akin to vacuuming without plugging the machine on. We may work hard and do a good job of cleaning spaces at our home, but since the machine is off, our cleaning would be pointless. We can’t put an unprepared cake in an oven that is switched off and expect it to be baked, do we? We need the electricity, we need the heat. We need favorable conditions to achieve the outcomes that we want, and no matter how much action we take, if they’re not there, we won’t get what we want. The same applies for success, unless there is no alignment, there is no true success. We simply won’t be plugged in.

When we become aligned, our job stops becoming a job, it becomes a mission, a cause… something that is close to our heart.

As we walk on the path of success, we need to prioritize alignment over action. Once we’re aligned, we’ll be able to take inspired action that‘ll propel us further along in our success journey. It will initiate a positive feedback loop that’ll help us soar to new heights.

One thing that we need to remember as we chart our path is that it doesn’t matter whether we are successful in other people’s eyes or not, we just need to ensure that we are successful in our own eyes. When we feel alignment with every fiber of our being, we’re successful, and no one can take that away from us.