superachievers get out of bed early

A common thread among superchievers is that they are all early risers. If you look at the most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and top-tier performers, you’ll quickly notice that they never sleep until late in the mornings and thus show up to work sometime in the late morning or close to noon time. 

Nope, they believe in the power of momentum, and they know that the way they start their day impacts the way dictates the quality of their days. As the popular success adage goes, when you win your morning, you win your day. That’s why they prime themselves to get up early and attack their days by focusing on their most important priorities first and foremost. 

If you watch or listen to the interviews of high-achievers, you’ll see a similar pattern. They get up around 4 or 5 am and execute their customized and refined  morning routines. They use the first two to three hours before they get started with their work schedule to develop themselves — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually — and prepare for the day ahead. This routine includes activities like walking, exercising, breathwork, meditating, visualizing, journaling, reading, listening to a podcast or anything else that gets them in a peak performance state. With this head start in the early morning, they usually end up being more productive and resourceful and as a direct result achieve more than everyone else.

Sure, not all of us are early risers; there are many people who are night owls and at their creative best at night. However, we can’t escape the way our society and its schedules are built. It’s designed to favor the early risers; the early bird does get the worm. In addition, research studies have shown that our inner circadian clock is always in sync with sunlight. And the most natural way for us humans to live and thrive, is to sleep a few hours after dusk, and rise with the sun in the morning. 

If there’s something that we humans are, it’s adaptable. With the right Why-power, I believe even if you’ve been a night owl for all of your life, with time and effort, you can gradually transform yourself into an early bird. 

If you are serious about attracting extraordinary success, and consistently reaping personal and professional rewards, I highly recommend getting up early and working on yourself and your inner empires first thing in the morning.