take charge of your vibration

Many times, we let other people control us. We let their words, behaviors and actions dictate our emotions and how we feel about ourselves.

Whether we’re a people pleaser or a rebel, we need to detach from what other people think or feel about us. We need to stop letting other people control our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We need to take charge of our vibration.

It’s not something that’s easy considering the world that we are living in today where we are trained to constantly pursue external validation. But we can’t let other people or the circumstances around us sway us from our center. It’s best to mind our own business.

Ultimately, we need to understand that we ourselves are in charge of our emotions, no one else is. We need to let go of the thoughts, words, behaviors and actions of others from past or present times that continue to echo in our minds and our hearts. We need to train ourselves to let them go once and for all, and think of them as water under the bridge.

Unless we take charge of our vibration, we’ll find it difficult to access happiness, tranquility and the inner peace within. Neither we need to let other people dictate our emotions nor we to need to unnecessarily try to control other people’s emotions. Each of us is in charge of how we think and feel. It’s both a privilege and a responsibility that we need to fulfil in our lives.

Instead of blaming or accusing others for causing disruption or disturbance in ourselves and our lives, we need to build a healthy detachment towards what happens to us. Our response is in our control and that’s why it’s so important to take charge of our inner fortress and internal empires, so that we respond in a way that works best for ourselves.

When we take charge of our vibration, we take control over our lives. We become a winner, a victor in our own right. And that’s the best way to live the life that we’ve been gifted with.