talent vs discipline

When it comes to living an extraordinary life that reflects success and greatness, talent plays a minor role. Being talented is not enough, the one who is disciplined and takes inspired actions consistently wins.

There are so many talented people all around the world living a life of quiet desperation. Instead of capitalizing on their talents, they have chosen to lead a life of misery and mediocrity, a life that is ‘safe and comfortable’. And then there are others who are not as talented as the former ones but they make it up with their daily actions and get momentum aka the Big Mo on their side that takes them to greater heights.

Many people think that the successful and the exceptional ones amongst us are simply cut from a different cloth. But this is far from the truth. They are ordinary people who display extraordinary commitment, grit and discipline.

Being gifted is not enough. It’s about practicing, being passionate and persistent. Dedication and devotion trump brilliance. A strong work ethic and grit trump innate talent.

Research studies with regard to exceptional performance, many of them spearheaded by Anders Ericsson who first reported the widely famous concept of the ‘10,000 Hour Rule’, are confirming that the notion of naturally gifted genius is a folklore and pure myth.

Talent is the tip of the iceberg that all of us can see. The rest what people don’t see are the countless hours of hard work, discipline and unwavering commitment. As Robin Sharma says, “Genius is 10% talent and 90% discipline… Focus is more valuable than IQ. Discipline’s more valuable than talent.”