tap into the natural rhythm

Do you feel you’ve been working too hard in your life, both personal and professional? Have you been working super hard in sustaining your friendships and relationships, on learning new information and gaining new ideas and insights, or on simply trying to figure out your destination and what your next step would be? Do you feel like a hamster on the wheel, putting all the effort you can but still finding no signs of progress, getting exhausted and burned out in the process?

You’re not alone, it’s the story of a majority of us. We think working hard is the key — to get more success, to progress ahead in work and in life. After all, that’s how we got here today from where we were before — we had to push hard, we had to force our way, we had to make things happen. But let me tell share with you an important insight: life doesn’t have to be so hard. If you feel that your life has become nothing but a doing a series of doing difficult tasks, then you’re stepping away from the equanimity within you and blinding yourself from the beauty of tranquility. 

There’s a natural rhythm for all the things that happen in our journey, for the events and circumstances that we come across along the way. If we simply look at nature, we will understand this truth. The Earth does not spin out of force on its axis, it simply does. The seasons don’t come one after another due to effort, they naturally do. The flowers don’t put a lot of work into growing and blooming, they effortlessly (and quite elegantly) do. 

Of course, there are times when we need put in the effort, for instance, when we to want to bring something new in this world. Thre are times when we need to work persistently and consistently, and be relentless in our pursuit to move forward. But it’s only a phase, we can’t let our entire journey and life be all about it. 

We have to stop and ask ourselves: Why are we doing what we are doing? What’s our end goal really?

If we’re seeking happiness, profound joy, contentment, a life of great service and contribution, then we have to understand that they don’t come from force and working super hard all the time. They come naturally, effortlessly and easily. Let go of the social conditioning; living a happy and meaningful life is much easier than what we’ve been told.

You don’t have to make life happen. It’s naive to think that way; you have to just let it happen. Let the story unfold on its own. 

Just relax, let go and let the natural rhythm find you.