the ancient babylonian law of tithing

the ancient babylonian law of tithing
Photo by Anna Earl / Unsplash

Through several records, historians have learned that the ancient Babylonians were astute financiers and traders. These records also demonstrate some of the principles of wealth accumulation and management for which the Babylonians became widely known.

The Babylonians followed the discipline of setting aside at least one-tenth of their income and directing it towards profitable investments. This helped them multiply their money, thanks to the magic of compound interest, and create a valuable nest egg that provided for themselves and their loved ones in the years to come.

However, along with this discipline, the Babylonians also practiced one more vital law — the law of tithing — to enhance their prosperity. This law involved giving away one-tenth of all the money or riches they received to support a certain authority figure (a king or a priest) or a religious organization.

The Babylonians knew that if they wanted to receive more, they had to first give more. They understood that practicing this law was key to opening the channels and let abundance flow freely in their lives.

As per the tithing law, giving always comes first. If you are thinking, “I have no money to give right now; but I’ll donate in the future when things get better and I’ll have enough money,” then you’ll never have enough money.

As we have previously discussed, the fastest way to attract anything in your life is to give it to others. So, if you want to attract more money, you must start giving it away freely and openly.

It turns out that many of the wealthiest people all around the globe are ardent practitioners of the tithing law. They tithed when they began their journey, they tithed as they accumulated incredible riches, and they continue to tithe with utmost dedication even today.

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