the antidote to obsolescence

Obsolescence is a constant threat that lurks around us. If we stop moving, we stagnate. If we stop improving, we fall behind. If we stop growing, we start deteriorating.

The antidote to obsolescence is lifelong learning. The superachievers and the uber-successful amongst us are relentless learners. No matter what summit they conquer or what pinnacles of success they reach, they’re still the first-row enthusiasts craving for more knowledge. They are still looking for those tiny tweaks and hidden tactics that can help them get a little better, whether at work or in life.

To be among the extraordinary, we have no choice but to embark on the lifelong journey of educating ourselves. People change, times change, technologies change, but this one constant habit will keep us ahead in our fields and ensure that we join the elite.

Mastery is a constant pursuit, and it demands us to get better. Keep moving and keep learning so that you keep reinventing yourself and are able to stave off obsolescence from ever showing up in your life.