the beauty of simplicity

Daily life brings a plethora of opportunities for stress, complexity and negativity. We spend our precious time, energy and attention in keeping up with the Joneses and pursuing external validation. We get seduced by the lure of consumerism and develop compulsive tendencies to acquire stuff that not only brings distress and misery in our lives but also contributes to some of the planet’s most pressing issues such as pollution and environmental degradation. 

Choosing to live a life that is rooted in simplicity elevates our life experience and offers numerous benefits for our overall health, happiness and relationships. We amplify our level of contribution to the world and achieve truly remarkable feats. 

When we embrace simple living and align with the principle of “less but better,” we cultivate self-reliance, become an effective leader and make meaningful progress in the most important areas of our life.

As Indian social reformer and visionary leader Ela Bhatt shares, “Out of all virtues simplicity is my most favorite virtue. So much so that I tend to believe that simplicity can solve most of the problems, personal as well as the world problems. If the life approach is simple one need not lie so frequently, nor quarrel nor steal, nor envy, anger, abuse, kill. Everyone will have enough and plenty so need not hoard, speculate, gamble, hate. When character is beautiful, you are beautiful. That is the beauty of simplicity.”