the benefits of spending time alone

the benefits of spending time alone

Do you think you spend enough time with yourself? If not, you can’t blame yourself entirely. Society in the contemporary world puts a lot of pressure on people to focus on hectic work schedules as well as stay socially active whenever possible. This naturally leads to less time to spend with ourselves. However, alone time comes with many benefits such as helping you cultivate self-reliance and independence, improving your overall well-being, and boosting your creativity, productivity and happiness.

First and foremost, spending time in your own company gives you the incredible opportunity to go within yourself and discover your true self. Only when you’re alone, free of outside distractions and influences, can you focus on gaining a deeper understanding of who you are, what values you stand for, and what things matter the most to you. 

A wonderful example of this is the widely renowned author Henry David Thoreau, who spent over two years alone in the woods of Walden Pond rediscovering himself. This time in seclusion allowed him to assess his own values and those that dominated the society and the lives of the people surrounding him. All of this introspection brought great meaning to Thoreau’s life and also led to him publishing his groundbreaking book Walden in 1854. 

Choosing to spend dedicated time alone can do wonders for your soul and help you unlock and enhance the creativity within you. In fact, a strong association between solitude and the joy of creative freedom has been seen throughout history. So, no matter how busy you think you are, make it a discipline to schedule some alone time for yourself so that you’re able to experience all the benefits and joys that come with solitude and embracing your authentic self.